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Updated: Apr 13

I really enjoyed my time as a mother and toddler yoga teacher. Every day it was a joy to get up and go to work. I loved nothing more than taking a room full of 30 toddlers on their first yoga adventure.

Me Teaching Many Moons Ago

Having run a fitness business I understand the love of teaching and the lack of time in the day to manage the general day to day admin that is required.

For me the largest part of my day was ensuring I had enough new business to keep me ticking over. Letters/emails to prospective clients needed to be sent and then followed up. I needed to invoice new clients for the classes they were booking and I needed to log all my mileage and expenses for the taxman at the end of the year. All of these things took me away from teaching and put me behind a desk.

Most of us start our own business to teach the things we love and have a better work/life balance, so let me help you achieve what you set out to do.

We have special rates for Fitness Businesses, so contact me today to find out more.

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