I Hate Zoom!!!

Fat Larry and his band may find their hearts go boom but mine sinks whenever someone suggests a Zoom meeting. It's not that I don't see the value in a face-to-face meeting, but I have found increasingly that people do not treat the meeting as a business discussion but almost as a background activity they can do whilst doing something else.

Recently I have had people pause the Zoom meeting to take a phone call, carry on working on their laptops because they're soooo busy, or be generally unprepared for the subject of the meeting.

If you are going to offer a meeting to someone, give them the option of Zoom or a phone call, you might be surprised at how many opt for the call. Now I agree for a Team to touch base a Zoom is a godsend when we are all working from home, but if you are going to choose to conduct a Zoom meeting instead of a basic call how about following these few basic rules:

  • Turn off mobiles or other phones, you arranged this meeting, so be present and pay attention. If someone took time out of their busy day to come to your office would you answer calls whilst conducting the meeting? I bet not.

  • If you do not have a home office put yourself somewhere with a neutral background, no-one wants to see your collection of Manga art, or the dishes in the kitchen sink.

  • Be somewhere you won't be disturbed and let other people in your home know you are on a call. We've all seen the horrifying clip of the poor woman whose husband waltzed past in his grubby undies as she was in the middle of a meeting.

  • Prepare!! Don’t treat it as a general chitchat, it’s a business meeting. Rambling and fidgeting should be left for when you Zoom your Mum and the camera is pointing up her nose.

How do you feel about Zoom? Have you had some awful experiences? Have you had some great experiences?

So if you had the choice would you choose Zoom or a call? I for one will be opting for the good old phone call if you give me the option, it's where my area of expertise lies and what I enjoy.

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