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Updated: Apr 13

When I was growing up I vividly remember the Love is cartoon characters, two little naked people with a message telling everyone how simple love can be. If you would like a reminder pop over to the Love Is website.

When it comes to business and careers, we would all like to believe that we do what we love, if it makes our fortune that’s an added bonus. But have you ever stopped to think about what you love and why?

When I stop and think about what I love about my work everything centres around creation, organisation, and customer service. I love the behind the scenes part of businesses, the bits that keep the machine running. Creating Social Media posts that encourage people to interact, organising data into succinct information that a client can quickly absorb and speaking to people, making them feel as if what they are saying is the only thing that matters in my day.

If you had look at me as a teenager you probably could have guessed the design part, but organisation, not so much. As I progressed through to adulthood I learned that I loved planning and organising by being a young Mum. Everything in my home was geared towards helping my children be the best they could be, from labels on every item from a door to a picture , encouraging reading and speech, to coming up with innovative, cheap ways to entertain 2 under 5’s with a bag of flour and some paint.

The Customer Service aspect came in much later when I started to work fulltime once my children were at school and nursery. I found I had a pleasant voice that people responded well to and that my desire to make everyone's day easier and better meant I was popular with colleagues and customers.

It is amazing how what you love can come from simple skills that you hone over time. Talking to people on the phone is a basic everyday event, but customer service is an art that is crafted over time. We’ve all spoken to the customer service bod who makes it feel like our issue is just one more problem they do not want, but equally, we all have spoken to the person who makes the call simple, gets to the bottom of your issue and maybe solves a couple of other things at the same time.

Love is simple, but relationships take time and work. What you love about your work may seem simple and straightforward but there is an art to what you do, and you have honed the art into a skill others would love to have.

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