Not Enough Hours in Your Day?

Updated: Apr 13

So you work for yourself. You love your business. You love your customers. You hate the paperwork.

As a small business owner, you may not have a lovely team of people working for you who can pick up the day to day office duties like sending reminders or sorting email traffic. This means that you have to spend time when you could be doing what you love, or you have to look at bringing in costly temps to cover the outstanding work.

Even businesses with small admin teams occasionally find they have more work than they can handle. Now they have a couple of choices overtime or bringing in a temp. Both are viable but can also be costly to the company.

Lloyd Admin Services offers a fail-safe solution you only pay for the hours your Support Team work. You choose the project and the length of time you want the project worked on.

Our Services include the following, feel free to ask if you require something more

  • typing anything from quotations to marketing documents

  • email/diary management

  • copying and collating

  • Recordkeeping, data entry

  • Appointment scheduling

  • research

Everything is completed using Office 365 and all storage of information is cloud-based, protected by business-level security software. Times are monitored on the Toggl App and a report of the time spent is forwarded with the final invoice.

So why not start your journey with Lloyd Administrative Services and contact me today on

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