Time to Update Your CRM?

Updated: Apr 13

So you have a new lead, the prospect of a new sale, a new customer and all the data that you need has to be collated somewhere. Did you take the call and scribble on a notepad with the intention of updating your CRM later or did you enter it into your CRM immediately?

Most people take the notes, receive the enquiry email or call and then think, I'll do that later, they get to the end of a busy day and realise they really need to get this done. I mean if I don't do it soon how will I those introductory emails and get the customer on board for the next stage in the process?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure your records are up to date and accurate, with all your sales stages being hit, is to get a wonderful Support Team, like Lloyd Admin Services, to take an hour a week to update your CRM for you. We can check who needs to be progressed to the next stage and send all appropriate documents. Even fact check, those pesky hard to spell names or strange email addresses that need double-checking.

Our Support Team can also monitor your inbox and Social Media to ensure no potential customers slip through the net. This is another hour you have freed up for you to bring in more leads and service the existing customers you have.

So for as little as £25 a week you can ensure your systems are kept up to date and your new and existing customers are wowed by your Customer Service. Email me today and let's discuss how we can help your business lou@lloydadminservices.co.uk

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