Tomatoes are Like Business Opportunities

Updated: Apr 13

Whilst I was taking the last of the fruit off our tomato plants, it struck me that each of these little gems is like the business opportunities that come my way.

You have the larger ripening tomatoes, that will be ready for use any day, and the small fruit that most would discard, but which will ripen in the same way and be just as tasty.

In our business dealings we often look for the large ripe fruit in the hope of immediate work, when in fact if we are canny and spot the small deal, from a business that is starting to grow, we can actually forge a longer-lasting and more lucrative business relationship.

I can guarantee that all of these tomatoes will be used, and some will be sweeter than others, but I remember that even the smallest one has come to be because of my hard work and diligence. As with these plants, that I grew from seed, fed and watered, each of my business relationships needs to be nurtured to ensure that both I and my client get the best out of work together.

Just because a small business can only afford an hours work a week, initially, does not mean their work is any less important than the client who books a full days support every week. Each of these businesses is important to the success of my business and the building of my reputation.

So whether your a new business starting out and want just an hour a week, or an established business needing days worth of support, come and talk to me and see how we can build a successful ongoing relationship. 0121 517 0618

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