What Does Your Inbox Look Like?

Updated: Apr 13

Are you like me?

I read just about anything with words on it, be it an ingredients list on a box of cereal to the large collection of books on my kindle, and if you've posted a link to an interesting newsletter you can be sure I'll have signed up to it.

Now if you're also like me after a few weeks the newletters start to pile up, they clog up my inbox and I always think I'll get to those later. What happens then is you end up with 100's of unread emails clogging up your inbox, and you have to trawl through them to find what you want.

There is a simple strategy to tackle the clogging up of your inbox, set up some rules in your email account and filter the mail straight to specific folders. If you find you haven't looked at the folder or read the growing number of newsletters then unsubscribe. Chances are you already follow whoever wrote the email on Social Media, so if they post something interesting again you can resubscribe at any time.

What I also find with newsletters is that I seem to get an awful lot of drivel and sales ads sent to me. This usually means even if I love the content of the newsletters they tend to go unread because I don't have the time to sift through the offers. Again a simple filter can help you tackle this issue. For example, I use Gmail for business and personal email so I can easily set a filter as shown in the Youtube Video by Simpletivity How to Use Gmail Filters and Labels (Tutorial)

This has not only simplified my incoming mail, but it means that I can easily plan when I will read these incoming messages or unsubscribe if needs be.

Lloyd Admin Services, are happy to help manage your email or set up your filter/filing system to ensure you never miss something that is important to you. Book your Discovery Call today and let's get your inbox sorted.

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