What Tasks Can I Do For You?

Updated: Apr 13

When most clients start to work with me they usually choose the least intrusive and the most time-consuming. What would these be for you?

Initially, lots of business choose to book an hour or two a week, and they want someone to call their prospective clients or warm leads. This is something I am happy to facilitate.

If you know that you have prospects flooding into your website and social media, clogging up your inbox, pass the task to me and I will happily call clients and fill your diary. If you dislike appointments before or after a certain time, or you like Fridays as your admin day, we can ensure that appointments are booked to suit you and your leads.

When those appointments turn into customers it's vital your CRM system is kept up to date, and this is easily accomplished via cloud access.

After a while, clients will move on from simple tasks to more time-consuming work, for example scheduling Social Media posts and updating newsletter signups on platforms like Mailchimp.

Why not call today on 0121 517 0618 or email lou@lloydadminservices.co.uk to see how I can help you manage your diary and other tasks.

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